About me

I'm Danae Dekker, born in 1995 in Kerkrade and currently living in Hilversum.

I am fascinated by musical storytelling, game audio, generative music and integration of music and technology. Since 2016 I'm attending the Music and Technology study at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, where I specialize in sonic interaction design, in particular audio for games and audio implementation in code.

In my younger years I already started playing with music and technology. In 2001 I became a member of the brass band of Kerkrade, where I played the flugelhorn for about twelve years. During my musical education I learnt how music was written down and how to do it myself using notation software and when I was 8 years old I composed my first musical piece.

Years passed and my interests shifted from orchestral music towards electronic music. I made my first electronic track using FL Studio in 2011, but as years came by I developed a musical style which I can call my own.

For more details on my work experience and education please refer to my résumé, or for any questions about me or the projects I'm working on, you can always contact me!