I am Danae Dekker, a composer and technical audio designer for games and interactive media.

I'm fascinated by musical storytelling in a fantastical and whimsical setting, which I apply in autonomous compositions, games and interactive media. Moreover I have a broad knowledge of software and coding skills to implement music and audio in any interactive project.

Together with five amazing people who work in the field of game audio I form Ocarime, a network of composers, sound designers and software developers.


Below you can listen to some autonomous compositions I made. To view more applied projects I worked on, please see the projects page.


What happens when one careless faerie doesn't pay attention where she's flying? She gets caught in a spider's web, of course.


Dwaallicht tells a nighttime story told in beautiful music.

Once In A Blue Moon

If you ever had the chance to escape from reality, where would you go? Once In A Blue Moon tells about a magical world filled with fantasy that you can only visit once in a blue moon.

First Rain

Originally made for a school assignment in creating meditative lyrical music, First Rain depicts the contrast between ignorance and clarity, resembling the first rainfall after a long dry time.

We In Heaven

This is the newest remix of my 2012 track We In Heaven, which I still consider one of the most influential tracks for my current style.