I am Danae Dekker, a composer and technical audio designer for games and interactive media.

I'm fascinated by musical storytelling in a fantastical and whimsical setting, which I apply in autonomous compositions, games and interactive media. Moreover, I have a broad knowledge of software and coding skills to implement music and audio in any interactive project.

Guided by my own drive for telling stories and sharing them with the world, I also founded my very own game studio, Audune Games, where I'm currently working as creative director and audio designer.

I'm currently available for freelance composition and technical audio design work! I'm open for personal music commissions as well.


Below you can listen to some autonomous compositions I made. To view more applied projects I worked on, please see the projects page.

Ocean Of Stars

This piece is inspired by Maricu Mana's DTIYS challenge going on at her Twitter. Her art tells the story of Lynx, who loves to sneak away from their royal duties and spend time in their secret observatory, drifting away in the ocean of stars.


What happens when one careless faerie doesn't pay attention where she's flying? She gets caught in a spider's web, of course.


This piece was inspired by my own track Celestine II, which I conjured up back in 2013, along with a spoonful of the epic orchestra from Two Steps From Hell and the vibe from big movies and games.

Once In A Blue Moon

If you ever had the chance to escape from reality, where would you go? Once In A Blue Moon tells about a magical world filled with fantasy that you can only visit once in a blue moon.

We In Heaven

This is the newest remix of my 2012 track We In Heaven, which I still consider one of the most influential tracks for my current style.